Course Details

UBC Certificate in International Development & Human Security

This 15-credit part-time certificate has been developed in response to the need and interest of individuals transitioning from military to civilian careers. Many veterans wish to continue serving the global community, and gravitate towards working in the field of international development and/or human security. Courses have been carefully curated and designed to support veterans in developing communication and writing skills that are critical in university courses, while also building on the skills and experiences that military-connected individuals have from their military training and service in international contexts.  This certificate allows academic pathways at UBC and beyond for program graduates. 

Main Teaching Points (MTPs):  ​

  • Enhances writing and communication competencies that are needed for success in university courses, as well as future endeavours in a range of institutional, geographical, and cultural contexts. 
  • Develops the foundational and critical understanding of international development and security concepts within a global context.  
  • Provides a community of learners with similar world/life experiences. 
  • Provides an opportunity to explore issues of culture in depth by focusing on Indigeneity in Canada, enhancing awareness of culture and its impact in a variety of communities.  
  • Creates a pathway into future post-secondary education, all credits in the certificate are transferable as electives to other programs in UBC
  • Develops essential employable skillsets in the International Development and Human Security field and be connects students with potential employers

Program Features: 

  • class size will be 20 – 36 students. 
  • Specialized advisory supports for the program 
  • No special technology will be required for this program aside from standard computing needs and the internet.  
  • Instructors will have support on working with this population of learners if they are not already well versed in military culture. This is not a student expense. 

Courses (5 Courses Maximum, 15 Credits):

Required Courses, take the following (9 credits): 

  1. LLED 200 (3) – Introduction to Writing in Academic & Professional Registers 
  2. ECPS 310 (3) – International Development & Human Security 
  3. CNPS 331 (3) – Communications Skills in Global Contexts 

Electives Courses, choose 1 or 2 from the following options (6 credits): 

Faculty of Education, Examples:

  • EDUC 440 (3) – Aboriginal Education in Canada 
  • CNPS 433 (3) – The Personal and Social Development of the Adult  
  • CNPS 362 (3) – Interviewing Skills  
  • CNPS 365 (3) – Introduction to Theories of Counselling 
  • CNPS 363 (3) – Career Counselling 
  • Other 300/400 Level course to be approved by academic advisor such as:  
  • EPSE  390A (3) Selected Topics 
  • EDUC 490A (3) Special Studies in Education 

Outside the Faculty: 

  • Students will be encouraged to explore the university by taking 1 elective course of their interest outside of the Faculty of Education, contact your advisor for approval prior to registration.