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Apply for: UBC Certificate in International Development & Human Security


Tailored for Canadian Veterans! We believe all Veterans no matter their age, rank, and background should have an equal and supported opportunity for post-secondary education. This is a Veterans supported environment. Military experience will be recognized in this application process.


UBC International Development Certificate: 5 Course Certificate that leverages your Military experience and provides you with employable skills. It is a gateway to transfer into further UBC education with ease.


September 2021-  April 2022. Three to ten hours per week of coursework. It is designed to be a manageable workload for Veterans with families or working part-time. What you put in will be what you get out of it!


The University of British Columbia – One of the top universities in Canada, now made available for you! Now available both virtually or in person.

Step 1

Fill this quick supplementary form to let us know you are interested in the program! A UBC IVET advisor will contact you for a quick Q&A to learn how they can better support your application!

Step 2

IVET Advisors will book a 15-minute call/zoom with you to answer any questions, and make tailored suggestions.

Call us at:

Step 3

Now you are ready to complete your application! It will also ask for your UBC student number if you are a current student, if not don’t worry about it. Fill the Application now:

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